Icelandic horse in Alberta

Welcome to the most complete online shop for Eques Icelandic horse tack in Canada and the US.

Burchill Farm in western Canada looks back on a generation of horse breeding. We are proud to continue this tradition with our Icelandic Horses. We care deeply about providing the best equipment for your horse, this is why we partnered with Eques – Equestrian tack and apparel – the highest quality equestrian product in the world.

The world’s finest Icelandic Horse Tack

The superior workmanship of Eques cannot be replicated by any other brand at this present time. As an official reseller, we offer everything from their catalogue.

Our online shop includes a wide selection of saddles, reins, girths, and other Icelandic horse tack as well as care products. You can order everything online directly with us, with free shipping to Canada and the USA.

Selecting the right saddle

It is imperative to select the right equestrian tack for your Icelandic horse to provide a great long-term experience for horse and rider. This is why we put together a resource to help you select the right Eques saddle.

About us

The Burchill family history with horses reaches back over 600 years across Canada and Europe. We have know-how about many types of riding with a generation of experience behind us. Trail riding, jumping, western riding, we have done it all.

However, the uniqueness of Icelandic horses has captured our hearts. Their wonderful qualities for companionship and their longevity are unique. This is why we decided to focus on Icelandic horses and share our care and knowledge to support others with this exciting breed.

This is what our customers say about us

Icelandic horse in beautiful landscape

I recently purchased a mare that was imported to the US earlier this year from Burchill Farm Icelandics. My very first Icelandic and I couldn’t be happier…she’s an incredible horse with an absolutely wonderful temperament.

Ali Long

I recently purchased a bit from Burchill Farm and am very pleased with both the helpful, easy transaction, as well as the price and free shipping! Thanks!

LeAnne Cheswick

I bought Glitnir from Burchill Farm Icelandics – a 4 yr old gelding – without ever having met or test ridden him (due to Covid-19) based on the recommendation of the trainers at Alfadans Equrstrian Arts. He had been in training for only a few months, but exhibited a calm and brave demeanor and willingness to learn. He even won a bridleless competition with his trainer! […]

Christina Lynn


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